welcome to:
SomaliCAN Outreach Newsletter
Welcome to the SomaliCAN Outreach Newsletter!

This is a Monthly Newsletter sponsored by the Ohio Developmental
Disabilities Council’s Outreach Subcommittee to provide information and
resources to the underserved Somali population and to promote more inter-
agency collaboration and coordination.

The goal is to give information and resources to the community and to promote
cultural competence in agencies providing services to the un-served and
underserved populations in Ohio.

The SomaliCAN Outreach Newsletter will do the following:

•        Increase the awareness of services available
•        Increase awareness of grant and funding opportunities
•        Include an analysis & summary of polling
•        Answer Frequently Asked Questions
•        Navigating the Service System
•        Various diversity/cultural competence highlights and Outreach Messages.

If you, or another person you know, would like to give feedback, suggest a topic
or contribute an article, that would increase understanding of issues that impact
minorities with developmental disabilities, please call us on (614) 781-1414 or e-
mail us at info@somalican.org. A member of our editorial team will respond to your
questions in the shortest time possible.

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